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Where Blundstones meet Blahniks and chew the fat with Havianas. Moccasins didn’t get in. When we were renovating all those years ago (two), we found those classic multi-coloured vinyl tiles under the carpet, under the tiles, under the carpet. And we almost kept them.

It summed up what The Western public bar is all about – A little bit party. A little bit old school. Plenty of serious business, with the potential for a break-out of fun at any minute. Like your pops cardigan coming back into fashion – old school coming through with the goods.

And don’t even get us started on the beverage list. We’ve got a cracking range of beers, including a fine selection of tap beer, craft beer both local and international and a few sneaky surprises to keep your interest up. This is joined by a short but sharp cocktail list and a wine list with a little something for everyone.

More your cold-filtered coffee than your chocolate Big M.**

** Actual cold-filtered coffee available at the bar. Who’d have thunk?!


Go you good thing!

Where the action / magic happens. With a state-of-the-art TAB facility, you can’t help but back winners*. Catch all the sports action from around the globe. Racing. Football. The other football. Cycling. Equestrian. NRL. NFL. The list goes on.

In all seriousness though, The Western is serious about sport. Seriously. If there’s a game / race / event you just can’t miss, just let us know. We’ll make sure it’s on the biggest screen in town, and we’ll provide you the luckiest*, shiniest betting facilities this side of the river.

* Not true?. Always gamble responsibly.


The Pavillion is a place to relax and unwind in front of the fire. Thinks Chesterfields. Think warm rugs. Think open fire place, quality wine and good times. Turtle-necks optional.

The Pavillion is a little like Switzerland. The action of The Garden to the east, and the carry-on from the TAB, Public Bar and Bistro to the West. All the while, The Pavillion sits in the middle. Quietly. Doing it’s thing. Not trying to be anything it’s not.

Not as rowdy as the Public Bar, and not quite as outside as The Garden.

We think it might be the dark horse in this whole operation of ours – that little nugget that flies under the radar, yet manages to really make your night… It’ll be the little corner you lose hours in, discussing all the big issues – fold or scrunch, Grigio or Gris, vinyl or tape, tomato or tomato.


The Garden. Much like a beer garden, only better. This garden is on the site of Australasia’s first ever beer garden*.

There is a rich tradition on this ground of frivolity, boisterosity, and general good cheer. We promise to do our best to keep up this tradition.

The Garden will be a hive of activity come the summer months and due to some remarkable, surprisingly clever design, may even remain so throughout the winter – think outdoor bar, Coronas, Pinot Grigio and a few cheeky cocktails, some lazy afternoon tunes, and a bunch of your mates catching up as the sun goes down (or the rain goes sideways). Wow.

To the mix, we’ve added some big screen TV’s, a big open fire-place and some colourful umbrellas.   And a roof.   And heaters.

The Garden.  To be enjoyed year round.